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The Minority Chamber of Commerce Announces 2016 Mayoral Debate for Miami Dade County



The Minority Chamber of Commerce Announces 2016 Mayoral Debate for Miami Dade County

Featuring: An Economic and Small Business Vision Oriented debate by Miami-Dade County Mayoral Candidates, Mayor Carlos Gimenez, Alfred Santamaria and Raquel Regalado.


Miami, Florida, August 22, 2012 -The Minority Chamber of Commerce (MCC) announces the 17th Minority Small Business Expo & Conferences Miami, with an exclusive public encounter between minority small businesses and Candidates seeking to secure the Miami Dade County’s Mayoral Seat. In August 30,  2016 Miami Dade County’s constituents  will be taking to the polls to vote in a Mayor to lead and champion our government  for the next four years.


The event will take place Thursday August 25 at 12:00 P.M. This conference and meeting is hosted by MCCand will feature an engaged public conversation and debate between mayoral candidates Carlos, Gimenez, Alfred Santamaria, and Raquel Regalado. The debate will focus largely on business and the economy, from 9:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M,  and will be held at the Renaissance Banquet Hall located at 5910 S.W. 8th street Miami, Florida 3313. Is expecting over 100 local small businesses.


“It’s very important that all our local businesses participate and aware of what each candidate stands for and how they intend to grow our economy and what real meaning it has for Small Businesses, and  more attractive for everyone” said Doug Mayorga, president and CEO of Minority Chamber of Commerce. “This election will be an historic electoral process; money is not the key for success, is time our community vote this August 30”.


Attendees will learn about the issues and make an informed voting choice for who is fit for purpose to be our Mayor of Miami Dade County, one of the Candidate is Ms. Raquel Regado, she said,  “All businesses in Miami-Dade County pay a tax that currently goes to Beacon Counsel. This organization is not complying with its obligation to help small businesses and to diversify our economy. Gimenez administration has given $ 70 million to projects that mostly will not change our economy. I will eliminate the Beacon Counsel and focus county resources to help small businesses that supports our economy. Counsel Beacon model that focuses on buildings is outdated have to work together with the school system and vocational programs to educate and retrain workers in our county. We have to have affordable housing and transportation system that makes living and working easier in our county”


The candidate Alfred Santamaria said, “Small businesses are the economic engine of our community. We need to strengthen our small businesses so they can boost the economy by creating 200,000 to 400,000 well-paid jobs in Miami Dade County. I look forward to presenting the nine pillars of the prosperity fund I will create and other initiatives designed to strengthen and prosper our community”.


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For more information call: (202)250-0260.

For registration: Maria Loaisiga


Author: Wilson Alvarez

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